Hotmail Password Hacking

  1. This is the easiest way I guess. If you are present when your victim is typing his/her password, try peeping over their shoulder lol.
  2. If you have physical access to the machine they use to access their account usually, try installing a keylogger (you can download them from anywhere on the net) These secretly record all keystrokes on the computer. If it records it in a simple text file, then search for their username and see what comes right after it. Remember that if they mistype it and use ‘del’ or ‘backspace’ it might be a little tricky for you.
  3. If you have physical access to the machine your victim usually uses, and their password is saved in MSN for example or something like Outlook but as asterisks (*) then download ‘Snadboy’s Revelation’ (v. small program) which will easily reveal the password.
  4. On a spy site once, I saw a little device you plug your keyboard in, and then you plug that into your PC, where your keyboard usually plugs in. Hardly noticable and not too expensive so you might wanna look out for it if you are paranoid. It was able to record the last 36,000 keys pressed I think.
  5. If your victim ever types their password in a space where it doesn’t get changed into asterisks (*) (I don’t know why or where that would ever be the case) then if you have a ‘Van Eck Phreaking’ Device then you could watch their screen from a remote location. Van Eck phreaking is when you catch the electromagnetic field that the monitor emits and reproduce the image. This method is sooo unlikely and almost pointless for me to type up lol but I thought I’d waste my and your time.
  6. With a trojan like Sub7 for example you can take control of people’s computers. You can get ’saved’ passwords (cached) like if they are already typed in MSN as *’s and you can also activate a keylogger.
  7. If you download ‘Ghostmail’ you can fake an email coming from the ‘Hotmail Team’ or whatever, and make it sound all formal and pretend that you need to verify that they are the rightful owners or whatever and ask them to reply with the password. You can make it reply to you but seem to come from a different address.
  8. There was a file that my anti-virus considered to be a virus I downloaded a few years ago, but I don’t have anymore (Accidental Data Loss) so I don’t know the name anymore. It was a little window that came up and told you that your cookie has expired (It looked soo real) and asked you to type in your password and username. Then when you type it in it saves a file to your C drive, which you would have to get from the victim’s computer somehow, for example using a RAT (Remote Administraion Torjan) a program that allows you to control someone’s computer.
  9. If you know the victim well try guessing the password or blackmailing/getting it out of someone who knows. Use your imagination.
  10. Look around the victim’s desk for post-its or whatever.
  11. Try Sex, Love, Mum, God, 1234 (or 4321 etc etc etc) or the name of someone they love, try it backwards. Also try secret, and password and the last 4 digits of their phone number..etc.
  12. NOTE: The easiest way for hacker sometimes to get a password (this doesn’t really apply in this case) is to call up and ask for it. For example you could do some research on your victim and call up and say: ‘Hi, I am John Smith and I forgot my password.. I left it on my desk at work somewhere. Can you give it to me please so I can work from home’ or use your common sense. Social Engineering.
  13. If you are devious/evil enough you can gain the victim’s trust somehow to get it.
  14. Pay a hacker to do it for you.
  15. If you get a different password of theirs, usually people use the same passwords for everything
  16. OK here we go. This method is the method most hackers will talk about if you ask them how to hack hotmail. This is probably the nearest to hacking anyway. Go to and download Munga Bunga’s HTTP Brute Forcer AND The definition files package (and a good word list if you can find one somewhere – but you will have to modify it from *.txt to *.lst and put it in the correct location, replacing the old one). Once you are ready, READ all of the help files that come with it and then use common sense to tick the appropriate boxes in the brute forcer. (Tick ‘Don’t try passwords shorter than 8 characters) because Hotmail doesn’t allow you to have shorter passwords than that so it saves time. Munga Bunga’s is the quickest one software wise. Depending on the quality of your wordlist and your connection speed though it could take days/hours to get someone’s password this way.
  17. What you could do is, you make a site saying something like ‘Send an email to … and in the email subject line put your victim’s username, followed by your username and your password, separated with dots. Within a few days you should receive an email with your victim’s password as the hotmail servers will have given your username admin priveleges.’ Basically you con people into giving you their passwords.
  18. You could also copy all of the HTML code of the hotmail site and use it on your own site and buy a domain name really similar like and send an email using Ghostmail telling people to check out the new and better service etc or tell your friends. (In the email tell them to click on a link not type it out otherwise they will notice – Link like CLICK HERE). With this method you will have to change the HTML code slightly though so that it sends the info to you somehow (not sure how as I am not that good with HTML) and then link them back to hotmail or something so they don’t notice. (CHECK FURTHER ON IN THE FILE THERE IS A METHOD SIMILAR)
  19. OK there are 4 methods by SnEzE here that I have, but I am not sure they work because I have never tried them. Here they are anyway: ( I Will put my comments in XX’s )

    Brute force hacking

    a. Use telnet to connect to port 110 (Hotmail´s server)

    b. Type USER and then the victim´s username

    c. Type PASS and then the guess a password

    d. Repeat that until U have found the correct password.

    !. This is called brute force hacking and requires patience. It´s better than trying to guess the victims password on hotmail homepage only because it´s faster.

    XX I am not sure this works as this file might be antient XX

  20. By SnEzE again:

    The Best way

    a. Get the username of the victim ( It usually stands in the adress-field )

    b. Then type ”

    c. You´re in!

    !. This hack only work if you are on the same network or computer as the victim and if he don´t log out.

    XX This probably works. Just a guess XX

  21. By SnEzE again:I_3_I – The old waya. Go to Hotmail´s homepage and get a account (if you don´t already got one)b. Log Outc. Now type the victims username.d. Look at the source code. XX In Internet Explorer, it’s View, Source I think. XX

    e. On the fifth row you should find “action=someadress”

    d. Copy that adress and paste it into the adress-field

    e. You´re in…

    !. As you can see it´s a long procedure and the victim have plenty of time to log out.

  22. By SnEzE again:I_4_I – Another…a. Go to hotmail´s homepageb. Copy the source code.c. Make a new html file with the same code but change method=post to method=enterd. “view” the page

    e. Change the adress to (don´t press enter!)

    f. Make the victim type in his username and password

    g. Look in the adress-field. There you´ll see …&password:something…

    !. This is the way I use, because it lets you know the password. ( If he exits the browser you can see the password in the History folder! I´ve made an example of this trick that you can use at: Good Luck!

XX Here is the rest of his file XX


Hotmail’s sysops have changed the “system” so that the victim may log out even if you are inside his/her account. So don’t waste your time!

This text comes from Remember that this is V.2.0.. More will come…

XX Don’t know how up to date this is though… XX

OK After ages I think those are all the methods I can think of. Remember to feel free to add at the bottom after the line! Oh and try to keep the formatting so that it doesn’t become unpleasant for others to read.

Now that you have read this file you don’t have an excuse to bug hackers with stupid questions about hacking hotmail anymore!! (And remember even stuff you might think is hacking can’t even be considered hacking sometimes.)

One more thing. Think of this as a bonus. Here is a file I wrote quickly a few weeks ago, because of the number of people bugging me about it so here it is:

This file was written, because I have found too many people asking me how to get rid of the MSN ‘Pic’ Virus.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del ONCE and select ‘MsgSprd’
  2. Hit End Task
  3. Go to your ‘Received Files’ folder (you can get to it in MSN using: File, Open Received Files, OR you will probably find it in C:\My Documents\Messenger Service Received Files
  4. Delete the pic file. It will usually be called ‘pic1234….exe’ (You might not see the ‘exe’) — IF you get a message telling you you can’t delete it, because windows is using it then you have to repeat Step 1 and 2.
  5. Go to ‘Start’
  6. Then ‘Run’
  7. Type: ‘msconfig’ and press Enter/Return
  8. Select the ‘Startup’ Tab
  9. UNtick the box left of ‘MSN Messenger Service’
  10. Press ‘Apply’
  11. Press ‘OK’
  12. A Message should appear asking you if you want to restart, but you don’t really need to. You should though. –IF next time you start up, it gives you an error message about pic or MsgSprd or something you will have to make sure you did steps 5 – 11 right.
  13. After restarting you are free of the virus ;)


NOTE: That only works on some versions of Windows!

Also now that you know all this, I hope you use it sensibly and don’t be a right bastard/bitch with it.

‘Knowledge is power’ heh just thought I’d add that. I remember that when I think of hacking!



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